The details on how SEDATED™-THE ULTIMATE RAMONES EXPERIENCE came about are sketchy. Some say it was a top-secret CIA project gone awry. Others claim it was overexposure to radioactive gamma rays. Whatever the case, SEDATED™ is here and ready to "rock the roof off"!
We play shows throughout Texas and the region. SEDATED™ is expanding its regional territory to parts east and west, north and south as well. For the band the words, "HEY HO! LET'S GO!" isn't just a verse, it's the band's battle cry.


Our Joey, Lance Wilson, is an imposing and convincing clone of Joey Ramone, and is endorsed by and is friends with Mickey Leigh (Joey's brother), PJ Soles (actress, played Riff Randall in the Ramones movie "Rock and Roll High School"), and other Ramones insiders like Linda Ramone, Vera Ramone, George Seminara and Marvin Goldstein. 
Our Johnny is portrayed by Jeremy Brown. His Mosrite guitar and attack of Johnny's downstroking style is convincing. He channels Johnny and his trademark stage pirouettes right along with Johnny's trademark chainsaw guitar technique. 
Our Dee Dee Ramone is portrayed by Mark Carruth. Another truly convincing addition to the band, Mark plays an authentic Dee Dee Ramone signature Fender Precision bass. 
Lastly, our Marky is portrayed by Dave Beavers. His portrayal and uncanny accuracy of Tommy AND Marky Ramone's drum styles will leave you wondering how it can be done. 
Overall, the feeling that overtakes you is just how REAL and legitimate SEDATED is, with their tribute to the greatest punk band ever, THE RAMONES.